Yukarı Çık

Evolution Tech

Our machines with the Pre Heating Leather from the first instant it enters the machine, through special patented crease smoothing belts, which heat approximately one metre of the hide above and/or below at the desired Temperature ( Pre Heating Max. 110°).

  • Possibility to work the leathers by pressure (traditional method) ironing and embossing
  • Ironing by long contact (wound) with or without pressure up to 15 cm.
  • Possibility to work by thickness (kiss plate), thanks to motorised operator cylinders.
  • Possibility to work with preheating on the cylinder with or without pressure.
  • Automatic and programmable timer for heating the rollers.
  • Timer for cooling and subsequent automatically switching off the machine.
  • Roller cooling through a heat exchanger
  • Working pressure up to 200 kg/cm2
  • Possibility to view the machine output side on the monitor with micro-cameras.
Evolux Machine

Evolux Machine